Then there was Friday. It was planned down for a quiet night in, but I txted Yizhi some friends to say hi, and then went to 老地方-Lao3 Di4fang1- (Old Place) for JDcoke. That was nice, nothing crazy, but then a tkd friend called, to Zero (零点 Ling2 Dian3), and Zero always turns into the most mental of nights out, I don’t know what it is about the place. Crazy night with friend and old schoolmates - whiskey and green tea or tonic water, drinking games, were the most prominent features. When I got home I drank some milk and water which tipped my poor stomach over the edge and I threw up for the next 14hrs, this has not happened in many years I wonder if it was dodgy whiskey. ugh

    老地方 Lao Difang/Old Place, along with Channel 5 (第五频道) nearby, are probably two of the only places in Shantou that sell alcohol in a chilled out atmosphere, the closest thing there is to a pub.

    零点 Ling Dian/Zero, part of the ‘triangle’ just off Jinsha Lu, opposite the Golden Gulf hotel.  Extremely loud, but good fun for a party, if you don’t need to talk much.  There is also an upstairs with couches and space to dance, should you so wish, but need more money (spend 200rmb minimum).  The area also has LA, locally extremely popular, Evergreen, Kiss and MP3.

    LA:落成 luo4cheng2  Evergreen:四季??si4ji2??  Kiss:Kiss  MP3:MPsan1

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