Windsurfing and posh Chaoshan food

    Sunday had gan mian (Round Door rest.) lunch with Yen. Afternoon - windsurfing! Can you believe it! Windsurfing in Shantou! But they have it. It’s on Da Hao. I reckon it’d cost about 50rmb in a taxi. I don’t know the setup but there are boards and things - it’s all in a little hut by a calm (and clean) bay. Don’t know if it’s an insider thing or what, can’t be, they’re out to make money after all. I liked that they had proper showers with doors on. Foot hurt a bit, still not very strong from breaking it.


       In the evening I went to Mei Yuan with my friend, her cousin +husband and kid. Her cousin is my age argh she’s married with a 13month old child. They’re here to leave the kid in Shantou because they both have to work where they live, in Dongguang. Harsh eh? Harsh but necessary. At least he’ll get looked after by caring relatives. Of course the kid didn’t have a clue what was about to happen, being so young. 

    美?Mei3Yuan2 top range seafood restaurant that specialises in Chaoshan food.  But it’s really excellent food.  I always get taken there for special meals with school or friends’ families.  They have a couple in Shenzhen too.

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