Beer/tea gardens

    Declined the last Thursday night invitation to Sunglow and just went for tea in the Bud beer garden behind the Golden Gulf. Also had a slightly surreal expedition to look for a small lad that hangs around Jinsha Lu, an enlightening and thought-provoking experience. There is more than one world in Shantou.

    My point, however, is the beer/tea garden. It’s, well, behind the Golden Gulf, near Sunglow and Walmart. Jinsha Lu (金沙路). I like it because it’s chilled. There are lots of places to drink tea in Shantou, and most of them sell beer too. They aren’t loud. There’s another good one on Jinhu Lu (金湖路) and Baihua Lu (白花路) crossroads, in the Jinhu Dasha (金湖大厦). That’s on the second floor, it has a live piano in the evenings, and a barbeque downstairs. It’s pretty cool!  Neither of these is too expensive, either.

    My quest for good beer/tea places is going to become more serious as winter heads on in, because you can’t sit at a bbq place on the roadside in winter, it’s too cold. The clubs are not a place to chill.

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