Overseas post

    Ho hum so what has happened recently. This weekend, aside from bad stuff happening to me, was basically one long ex-pat party. Bad stuff first. Bloody customs. I ordered some books from England that have been sent wrong anyway, but now they’re stuck in Shenzhen customs and the form I need to get them into China proper, no one can find. Joy, oh joy. I can’t send them back because Fed-Ex will charge me another 130gbp, this is not good. I am praying that the lad from Fed-Ex who has taken pity on me and said they won’t charge me a holding fee, has the power to make his promise real.  

       We have finally worked out why it is a problem.  They were sent by express delivery, which is automatically classed as commerical property.  It should have been sent by normal airmail.  We are waiting on the grace of Shenzhen customs but not holding out too much hope, they have rules. 

       Moral of the story:  When having things sent from overseas, make sure it’s cheap, or sent slowly.  And make sure it gets sent to Shantou proper.  Argh.

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