Wine bar - Aussino

    Where have I been this week. Some ex-teachers came back from travelling before leaving China, these past couple of days. An American couple called David and Elizabeth. I’m really sad that they’ve left! Well this necessitated going out a lot to enjoy final moments together, including a trip to wine bar Aussino, lunch at veggie rest., hotpot and foot massage. Ah, such luxury.
    Aussino is a recently opened wine bar stocked with foreign wines and an increasing range of foreign manufactured produce such as CHEESE (cheddar, edam, mozzerlla and others) - reasonable price - tortillas and olives. Their canned spaghetti sauce, mayo and tinned tuna is also available in Walmart for cheaper. But Aussino is not just a place to buy wine, oh no, upstairs there’s a lounge which has things like carpets and sofas that are not-too-squidgy-not-too-hard and good service. I left before midnight coz working the next day but I know the others - around 10 of them I think - partied hard well into the night. There are photos, but only on Snappy, the Irish girls’ trusty see n snap camera.

    Aussino is on the corner of Changping Road (长平路) and Huashan Road (华山南路). You can’t really miss it because it’s full of windows and stocked to the brim with winebottles and strong lighting. Upstairs is not so strong lighting!   I hear cheapest bottle of wine (1/2 bottle) is 50rmb.  If you don’t know where this corner is, it’s just near Walmart.

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