Veggie restaurant - Lian Hua

    I can’t remember whether I’ve written about the veggie restaurant, Lian Hua, but it’s worth writing twice - it’s a Buddhist restaurant on Haibin Lu (海滨路), it is excellent food. The food could be meat in taste, texture, smell and look, but it isn’t. Great piece of mind therefore. You can eat full for 20rmb, the more people the better, of course, because then more dishes. The bird’s basket with sweet n sour sauce is it’s most famous dish. My foreign friends also really like the Peking duck. I love the mushroom soup. If you can’t read Chinese, there are set meals for 2 to 12 or so people, just choose the relevant number. Mmm it’s so good. The only bad thing is that if you’re foreign it usually takes at least 7 waitresses to take an order for two people. One to take the order and 6 to stand around gawping.

    莲华素食府 Lian Hua Vegetarian Restaurant

    汕头:海滨路大洋集团西侧楼 Shantou: Haibin Lu, DaYang (JiTuanCeLou)  Phone number: 0754-8530028, 8520098, 13829618308

    潮州:开元广场C1懂9号(开元寺对面)Chaozhou: KaiYuan Square, building C1, no.9 (opposite KaiYuan Temple)  Phone number: 0768-2238033, 13502551651

    揭阳:榕江公园内 Jieyang: inside RongJiang Park  Phone number: 0663-8630902

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