Right final review, foot massage. The Chinese really know a lot about massage, it’s used all the time in medicine, and also many places are ‘men only’ (grr), but there are plenty more that are open to anyone who just wants to relax in a non-dodgy sense.  My foot is still not great but yesterday I went to this massage and it when the lad had finished, I could hardly feel any weakness in my foot at all!  Foot massages usually cost about 30-40rmb, body ones around 100rmb.  The Chinese approach to the body being holistic, you don’t just get your feet massaged, it’s your legs, oh and your back as well, oh and don’t forget the arms too.  Good enough for me!  They last about 1hr - you know I always forget to time it so I don’t know.  

    Last night there were 9 of us so we were sat in a big room with 9 chairs. They’re big armchairs, it’s great. Actually usually I don’t enthuse about them as much as other foreigners do, but last night cured my foot.  

    Also common are hair washes at hairdressers’ - that includes a head and neck massage, you don’t have to get your hair cut (usually 20rmb). 

    Where are good places? The one I go to most is just behind Jinsha Road 金沙东路 (near Jinsha Dong bus station 金沙东站), just off Huashan Road 华山南路 (can you tell I live in this area?), next to Little Bee restaurant (小蜜蜂).  It’s on the second floor, from the street it’s just an open door with a staircase.  (Address n nuo. see below)

    For hair washing, there’s a hairdresser’s just near it on Huashan Road called Avant-Courier, that’s ok.  My personal favourite is United Star (联星) on Changping Road (长平路), the massage there is always great, never too scratchy. They must train their staff well. 

    Foot massage place: 海逸休闲中心 丹霞庄北区7幢1-2楼 HaiYiXiuXian Centre, DanXia Zhuang-bei qu (northern side), building (dong) 7, 1-2 floor (lou)  Phone number: 0754-8263622, 8263822

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