LA Bar

    I think it’s time I introduced LA Bar (洛城). Almost every local person I meet in Shantou often goes to LA Bar - the conversation goes something like this: (general introductions) local:’Where do you like going out to?’ Me:’Oh, lots of places. If it’s a club, I often go to LA.’ local:’So do I! I go there all the time!’

    Yes indeed, LA has risen to a be a central place in Shantou party culture - especially among the 20-30 somethings. I think it’s because the atmosphere isn’t as crazy (insane) as Zero (零点), and there’s not really such a problem with the darker side of the entertainment industry, which some of the other clubs have. Now, I’m no expert, the aforementioned isn’t an area I wish to know about particularly, so don’t quote me, but LA is widely regarded as a nice place to have a party with nice people. I have also never heard of a fight there. 

    Of course, it’s still a Chinese bar, which means loud, loud music and no one dancing, but hey, that’s how it’s done here. Before 11 o’clock the music is really good and not too loud - it’s the dance/hip hop stuff you’d get in England. Personally I prefer this. After 11 o’clock it becomes dance - mixed and everything, it’s better than most places - very loud and dancing unusual. Of course, you could dance on the platforms the dancing girls use.

    I mention it at this time because they have just opened a new floor - the 4th floor - it’s much bigger and still just as popular with locals. 

    洛城酒吧 金沙东路 LA Bar, Jinsha Road, almost opposite the Golden Gulf.  There’s a load of bars there.  Any taxi/motorbike/salinger driver knows it.

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