Photo shop

    Must make an unapologetic plug for my friend’s photo shop. Fortunately, Digital City is both extremely convenient (at Jinsha Dong bus station, bright yellow, Kodak) and cheap, possibly the cheapest in Shantou.  According to Henry, my friend, the photoshops are in a constant price war, so I wouldn’t like to assume, but 6x4 digital photo is 0.79rmb, quite cheap I think. 

    Enough on the cheapness.  I met Henry at his shop about a year ago, he’s a good friend and you should all support his business.  Oh and you can order photos over the internet, send them over and specify size etc, they’ll process them and you pick them up.  They have QQ, dunno about msn. 

    I’m not the only one to process stuff there, other people also pass the word on, although the Irish girls still insist on going to Fuji which is I don’t know where. 

    Henry is also the person who has put up clear English language signs all around Jinsha Dong bus station, which I hope you find helpful.

    Maggie Ad