Seafood restaurant

    It’s been a quiet (restful) two weeks, but I’m back.  Not only am I back at tkd (see next post), I’m back to eating out.  There’s a little seafood restaurant just off Huashan Road that you can’t see unless you walk into the flats back there.  It’s got great food, really fresh.  The seats are all outside and you point at the food you want cooked.  I always go there with a particular friend.  It gets really busy at meal time though, so don’t arrive at 6.30pm.  (*Cultural note - mealtimes in Shantou are midday and 6pm, although it’s possible to arrange to eat with friends, oo, up to half an hour after that.  I quite like that eating is so important, but it does mean restaurants can get very crowded, then close.  Most of my foreign friends eat later anyway.)

    How can you find it?  Well… on Huashan Road 华山南路 (between Changping and Jinsha Roads), there’s a store called the Blue Cat Store or something.  It’s very blue.  Turn into the little almost-pedestrianised side alley next to it, and there’ll be two similar restaurants at the end.  I’m talking about the one on the left.  It’s name is Huang Ji 黄记 restaurant, but no one actually knows it’s name. 

    A good meal for four, including posh dishes such as crab, costs about 60-70rmb.  I recommend crab, any shellfish (because I don’t know their names), the yellow tofu, most of the soups - mushroom in particular, sweet n sour fish/prawns.  Mm is good.  Actually I recommend everything. 

    黄记饮食店 丹霞庄中区4幢101  HuangJi restaurant, DanXia Zhuang, middle section (zhong qu), building (dong) 4, no.101  Phone no: 8168720

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