We are back & On TV!

    I didn’t know the earthquake broke down the Internet for such a long time. If you read about the news (1, 2), you will know what happened. After I wrote about the earthquake, the next day I started having difficulties accessing this blog, because it’s hosted in DreamHost which is in America. Anyway, the situation is getting better now and it’s said it will be fully recovered by 20th January.

    Apart from the recovery of the Internet, we’ve got another news here: MyShantou.net is going to be on TV! Yes, we attracted the interest of TV people and they had given us a special report on this blog. You will also see Maggie’s life in Shantou and a little bit interviews of us. The program is going to be showed on Wednesday (10th Jan) 8:25PM at Shantou Channel 2 (汕头二套), and repeat on Thursday (11th Jan) 12PM also at Shantou Channel 2. Don’t miss that if you are in Shantou!

    Btw, Happy New Year to all the readers of this blog. Thanks for your support and participation. We will try to update more interesting stuff about Shantou and also hope to hear more from you!