A earthquake happened at 8:28pm tonight. It was recorded as 6.7 and 7.2 around the sea near Taiwan, but I felt it’s about level 4 or 5 in Shantou.

    My families were frightened, although Shantou is on the plate boundary, earthquake is rare. As far as I can remember, I experienced one in my fourth grade in primary school. But I hardly felt anything at that time. The one tonight was relatively strong, lights were shaking and we can feel it clearly even sitting on sofa. The first one came at 8:28pm, then another one followed about 10 minutes later. When the second one came many people started worrying and went out on the street. The phone line was unusable for about 10 minutes after the earthquake, mobile network was also busy and hardly had any connection.

    The TV didn’t give any up-to-date report on this earthquake, guess we need to wait until tomorrow to catch up with the “news”.