114 information center

    The number 114 used to be a inquiry number for phone number directory. Recently it had expended to an information calling center, you can now ask a lot more information like directions, restaurants and sightseeing recommendation in Shantou.

    I had a try last night. I called to ask about the rate to call the UK. They have both Mandarin and Chaoshan dialect services. It took a few minutes to process my questions, but that was pretty consider it’s quite a random question. However it’s a pity that they don’t (or not yet) have English services. So if you need any information while you are in Shantou, possibly you will need a local friend to help you.

    Btw, there are two number which you can use to call abroad.

    1) 96688 + national code (Cheaper)
    Call to UK is 3.8yuan/minute daytime and 2.9yuan/minute off peak (8PM-6AM). Other nations may have different rate.

    2) 17909 + national code
    Call to UK is 3.6yuan/minute all the time, and it charges 0.2yuan IP fee per three minutes. For other nations the rate might be different.