Hello, again!

    Still, the most powerful media in Shantou is TV. We are lucky enough to get such a good PR from Shantou TV station. This can be proved by the number of emails I’ve received, comments in this blog, and dramatic increasing page view after the program about Maggie and MyShantou.net shown on TV tonight.

    So HELLO again to those who come here through the program. I guess the number will keep increasing from now on. Maggie and I are very happy to see more and more people reading this blog, as well as expecting more people to join in our conversation and helping us. I’m so grateful that quite a few people said they wanted to join us or have some photos wanted to share. Thank you very much. I’m keeping all your emails and let’s keep in touch. Meanwhile if want to contact us, here are our email:

    Richard: FRHong@Gmail.com
    Maggie: Miggy.Ad@Gmail.com

    Or visit our forum: Forum.myshantou.net.

    The forum is actually a place for anyone to say anything about Shantou, so welcome!