The biggest online forum in Shantou - Ezeem

    EzeemThe first time I got indicted into internet forum was when I got my ID in LinTao Teahouse – the biggest chatroom and BBS at the time. But now I guess ezeem (e京) had taken over and became the biggest forum in Chaoshan area.

    From its About page, it shows it has been running for at least 5 years. And they have a large number of registered users (I don’t know the exact number). It’s a pretty active forum. The section I like most is “Contribution to Shantou’s development (振兴汕头出谋献策)” . There are a lot of interesting posts about how to develop and contribute to this city, as well as discussing many social problems of Shantou.

    The forum is in Chinese. So if you are oversea Shantounese and able to read Chinese, ezeem is a good place to see some up-to-date sides of Shantou.