A museum in Shantou! Have a look!

    Finally! A quiet evening and the internet is working too. Making the tv programme was fun, my main comment is how appalling my accent is, Really need to work on that. Today and the next two days all the schools are on exams, so there are hardly any students at tkd and no white belts at all. I’m going to start travelling at the end of the week!
    I am going to do more research into this, but I have reports, one of which was published in June 05 in the US, that there is a museum in the Chaoshan countryside that is the only museum in China to be dedicated to that time around 40 yrs ago. It is officially recognised. It has no promotion, and apparently not even roadsigns! But it is sponsered by Li Kai Xin, and you can go and see it…

    Pagoda Garden – – Museum
    Pagoda Hill, Tucheng Village
    Lianshang Town, Chenghai City

    ZHU, Lihao, Cell phone: 13809674928;
    DU, Xuping, 13509877152;
    Du Liankui, 13068910729


    If you want to see the report, please e-mail me. Just putting out the tourist information…

    PS, Are there any other musuems in Shantou? I have never heard of any but would love to know if there were. However small.

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