Watching tv series, life is fun

    I would just like to point out that I appear to have run out of new things to do in Shantou. It is not laziness that has produced this lack of communication since New Year. I (and it is a trend that seems to be found in all the English speaking foreigners at present) have become boring, I like being at home and learning my piano and Mandarin, cooking for myself. Also I have rediscovered dvds.

    Well that’s something to write about. I don’t know where you can buy original dvds in the area - well, I do, Hong Kong, but that’s quite far, and anyway they cost 10rmb here and are great quality. Also I was introduced to bt - bittorrent, which is a great way to download tv series, now that friend has supplied me with suitable website. However it is in Chinese so not worth putting up here. Have to be careful though, my computer man said it will hurt my laptop if I do too much, I should really watch online. But computer downloads too slow for that.

    Anyway, basically you can download anything that is shown on TVB Pearl, a Hong Kong tv channel. This includes but isn’t limited to: Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Six Feet Under (downloading series 4 right now!), Prison Break. Would like to find the Simpsons but I think the humour is difficult to translate for subtitles.

    And as a final note, friend has pestered me recently to watch some of his West Wing series’ which I did and now I am hooked on that too. Yeah. These tv shows are a nice break. And I can understand why people think the States is so amazing to live in - if it were like in all these series, I’d want to live there too! Beautiful people, interesting lives, nice houses, a variety of food and bars.

    PS I also have all ten series of Friends, buyable at a store near you in Shantou for around 8rmb per dvd.

    Maggie Ad