Photoshop, good developing

    Long time no speak, I am taking it easy and chilling out in my house a lot recently. But would like to point out a good photo processing shop - for digital prints, anyway. My friend was coming down and asked me to research out a good shop for processing - the shops in her city are pretty rubbish. I took a select 5 photos to four different shops, each photo having various mistakes in the picture quality. Then to see which shop altered the pictures the best.

    When we compared them, there were four of us present, and me and my (Canadian) friend both preferred the following shop:

    Shimao Jiguang Photo Shop, address in Chinese - it’s down Jinsha Dong Road, on the block just past Diyicheng, on the right hand side (coming from centre of town).

    Phone: 0754 8855828

    Interestingly, my two other (Chinese) friends both preferred the shop I’ve already written about, opposite Jinsha East bus station.

    Maggie Ad