Why this site is in English

    One of our readers, Jianfu45, just left a comment that I think it’s worth to put it as a new post because it shows readers’ opinions about this blog. This is very encouraging when I heard from our visitors or readers. Thanks for your opinion, Mr. Jianfu45.

    Noted thanks. I read somewhere on comments by a” Little Bottle” about why this website in English. My answer follows:

    Nihao, To Little bottle and all here,
    Firstly, this website in English is good for everyone as it will generate interest to look at opinion from whoever n wherever, locally included.

    For those in China whose first medium is Putonghua and understand some English or more , this site can be an opener to see the language in its varied form used around the world.

    Another point (or for some reasons) .. many huachiao or people of Chinese origin or those with some blood connection,.. due to circumstances in the countries they grew up in and over generations, could not or did not learn to read or write Chinese. Some understand limited huayi but conversant in their Chinese dialects…some speak it but cannot read it and there are those who know parts of each and.. so on.

    So, this site in English may reach and help these people one way or other, especially those who has roots in Shantou or thereabouts. They would be pleased to find this site if only to plan a trip or reading about it.

    Foreigners who intend to visit China for business or tour would be just as happy to browse on this site to have a sample of what to expect of the region…..and in the end Shantou benefits too:)

    Good luck and Kam Siah.

    By the way, Happy Easter!!