Three Crashes and Three Deaths in a Night

    Special Zone Evening Post reported three traffic accidents on the highway from Shenzhen to Shantou within the same night. Three people including two drivers died in the accidents, and eight people were injured.

    The first crash happened on the Haiwan Bridge in Shantou at about 7 pm on April 25 when it was raining. A truck crashed into the back of a large bus which was heading for Fujian, tearing a big hole in the back of the bus. Seven passengers were injured, two of whom had bone fractures.

    The crash resulted in traffic jams on the highway and two more collisions afterward.

    A truck en route to Shantou crashed into a larger truck at 10 pm, 500 meters away from the spot of the first crash. The driver of the large truck said a big sound of the collision erupted, when he was slowing down for the traffic jam. The driver of the smaller truck was killed at the scene.

    Two hours later another rear-end collision between two trucks took place 300 meters away from the second accident. One of the drivers died and the other was badly injured.


    Ava Tang