Motorcycle Purse Snatching Under Investigation

    On the evening of April 19th, two muggers on a motorcycle robbed a female pedestrian in Danxia Zhuang of Longhu area, according to an article in the Shantou Daily. The victim was towed for hundreds of meters by the robbers’ motorcycle and was badly injured. The public security bureau is investigating the incident.

    At about 9:00 p.m. of that day in Danxia Zhuang, the two robbers driving a motorcycle knocked the woman down and robbed her of her purse. During an intense struggle, the woman’s hair was suddenly wrapped into the trailing wheel of the motorcycle. However, the muggers quickly fled in disorder by motorcycle, irrespective of the consequence. Then the woman was towed for hundreds of meter by the robbers’ motorcycle and was badly injured.

    These days the police are offering a reward of 50 thousand yuan for information about the robbery.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that motorcycle purse snatching is a common occurrence in Shantou.^3188^2^St230008.htm