Oil Shortage in Chaozhou

    Many gas stations in Chaozhou are running short on gas these days. According to one of the crew members who works at a gas station near the Chao-Shan Highway, their station used to get diesel oil from their company every day. But they get nothing these days. What’s worse, gas stations in surrounding areas ran out of gas one after the other recently.

    An analyst in the Department of Economy and Trading of Chaozhou said that the price of international crude oil keeps rising, which  impacts the price of domestic oil.The gap between wholesale oil and retail oil is shrinking.Retail oil in some places is even higher than wholesale oil.Some stations therefore cut the supply to save money. Drivers have said that they hope that the government will soon come up with solutions to balance the oil supply.

    Source: Shantou City Post http://www.stcd.com.cn/dsb/20080320/gb/dsb^3154^6^Ds200002.htm