Fixed Phone Numbers Up to Eight Digits

    Telephone numbers in Shantou are getting bumped up to eight digits, as numbers of Chinese telephone users grow.

    According to the Ministry of Information Industry, the local telephone network in Shantou will go up to eight digits from the date of May, 18th. 2008.All the local telephone network in Shantou, including fixed phone and local mobile, will be changed into eight numbers, while the short number of the special telephone service will be the same as before. These days, the related departments have started to prepare for the program in due form, according to Shantou Special Zone Evening News.

    Now the number of fixed telephone subscribers in Shantou is up to two million, including China TeleCom, China Netcom and China Railway Communication Company (CRC). There are four cities (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan) where fixed phone number have eight digits after having been changed In Guangdong provinces.^3146^^Tqc01003.htm