Shantou Gets Weather Observatory

    A recent Shantou Daily City article describes the opening of an advanced weather observatory in Shantou.

    March 23th is World Meteorological Day, and the theme of this year is “Observing Our Planet And Creating A Better Future.” On Mar 23th,Shantou Bureau of Meteorology Observatory was opened to Shantou citizens for visiting,and they also held  the weather advisory activities in the front of the supermarket Walmart.
    Many people came to attend their activities.

    Shantou National Benchmark Climate Station has become the ground station of the global climate observing system, according to the article. At present,Shantou city has built doppler weather radar station and FY-2 satellite receiving station, an advanced level of weather detection.The Radar Station, Height Detection Station and Reference Station of Shantou have been listed in the Global Detection Network by the World Meteorological Organization.^3158^2^Ds240003.htm
    (By Shantou City Daily  Mar 24th )

    Vicki Wong