Liquid Goods Prohibited on Shantou Domestic Flights

    Shantou Airport has implemented a new regulation, forbidding passengers to carry liquid goods with them on the domestic flights.

    A staff member of the Shantou Airport security checkpoint said that besides common liquids, like water and drinks, the liquid items prohibited from being carried will also include soup, cream, lotion, toothpaste, perfume, shaving cream, aerosol and jelly. The new rule was put forward by CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China).

    The flight will provide the passengers who have babies with them liquid food, like milk, if they apply when buying tickets. Diabetics or other patients, who need liquid drugs, can ask the flight staff to keep the drug after providing their medical records and passing a security check, according to the Shantou Airport authority.

    International and regional flights still follow the old rule issued by CAAC on March 17, 2007. The CAAC also announced that airports should double check the passengers’ luggage by instruments and staff, if necessary, to ensure the air transport security.
    Source: Shantou City Newspaper, March, 17, 2008