Overseas Chinese Seek Business Opportunities in Shantou

    Overseas Chinese of local origin are seeking to develop business opportunities in Shantou.

    From March 15 to 16, the delegation of Hong Kong Overseas Chaozhounese Plastics Manufacturers Association visited Shantou to investigate the investment environment, in the hope of establishing a closer relationship of business and trade with the city.

    The Hong Kong Overseas Chaozhounese Plastics Manufactures Association was founded in 1960 by Hong Kong businessmen who have roots in the Chaoshan area, like Li Kashing and Zhang Huada.

    The association consists of more than 300 corporations, enterprises and factories engaged in the plastics industry, toy manufacturing, raw materials and import and export trade. It is a local association with strong economic strength and great social impact, all of whose members are from Chaozhou. Most of the delegates visiting Shantou this time are magnates of toy manufacturing, plastics factories and the chemical industry.

    Source: Shantou Daily