It"s been a while

    I’m thinking I should just mention that I’m still here - I was on holiday in Yunnan for a week with my parents and they were in Shantou the week before that, but we didn’t go anywhere new, mainly just to my friends’ houses to eat.

    Yunnan was excellent, by the way.

    Now back in Shantou and rushed off my feet, have a nice evening off now (from tkd) coz went to a friend’s wedding - in Meizhou, so also not applicable to this site.

    I suppose the only thing I can think of to say is that Chinese cooking is going well for me these days, the key is to NOT be fussy.  Generally this means putting garlic in a wok then assorted meat and veg, or boiling water and adding oil and chicken stock, then assorted meat and veg, and noodles.  Shellfish are the easiest of the lot.  And, it all tastes great.

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