New server and forum

    I’m please to announce two big changes of - 1. we are moved to a new server and 2. we have our own forum now!

    New Server

    We have just moved from a Chinese hosting company to Dreamhost. This means we can use all the features of Wordpress and enjoy a more stable condition.

    I am not sure the loading speed in China, but if you are outside China and visiting our blog, I am sure you can feel how much faster compare to a few days ago before moving.

    Our Forum

    We now have our own forum (, yeah!

    Maggie and I didn’t expect the number of visitor and reader at the beginning when we started this blog. It’s exciting to receive comments and question about Shantou from time to time, and we have tried to answer as much as we know. However, only two of us is impossible to answer all the questions this dynamic city. So it’s better to have a place where everyone can join together and share what you know about Shantou. Knowledge come from sharing, as I always believe!

    I hope to see a lot interesting conversations going on there, so feel free to post whatever you want to talk about or questions you want to ask.