Sunglow Filipino band left :-(

    Now, call me starved of good live music, but on Friday night at Sunglow I discovered a very listenable Fillipino band* has been playing there nightly for the last couple of months, and it was lovely to hear live music that I know and quite like, from the traditional set of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, male and female vocalist.

    I really liked it, we haven’t had a decent live band in Shantou since the last good Sunglow Fillipino band left about the same time last year.

    And off me and Tammy went this evening to listen to them again, and what’s happened?  They’ve done a runner.  What’s that about?????  They played last night (Sat) and then according to all the waiters, they’ve gone forever.  There was just nothing playing during their set time tonight so it must have been some kind of bust up.  I assume it’s because the owner hasn’t been treating them well, like usual.  Dammit. 

    Well, good luck to them, hope they meet a nicer boss.

    *There are Filipino bands in every big city in Asia, I think, they are cover bands of widely varying quality, generally pop music in a variety of languages, particularly English.  Some are pretty good and some are not.


    PS Party was ok.  Now no decent Filipino band, Sunglow ranked back down as average pub/bar place.

    Maggie Ad