Fruit drinks

    After bbq we head straight on for freshly squeezed fruit juice on Zhongshan Lu, also pretty famous due to its quality.  The fruit juices around Walmart are very average, but the this was good stuff.  Sorry, I can’t pinpoint it, it was just shops nearby. 

    My mango was veeery strong sweet mango taste, mmm, the papaya and the pineapple that my friends had were also excellent - I don’t usually like pineapple but the taste was just right. 

    For those who don’t know: you can go to stalls that have whole fruit on them and ask them to squeeze it, add ice and stuff, and make a hopefully delicious iced fruit drink of your choice.  They cost 2-4rmb a drink.  They’re delicious.  Some people make better drinks than others.  Mango is always a good bet, watermelon is popular, papaya, pineapple, banana, tomato, carrot, apple, orange, dragon fruit, other kinds of melons (even bitter melon!), lemon… generally lots and lots.

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