Air raid sirens tested

    Air raid sirens got tested on Wednesday! Apparently it was in the paper, which I didn’t read. It’s a bit spooky hearing them in real life. They test them every year. Makes me wonder why they need to keep them working… I was in class at the time and asked where we should go anyway, if we heard them. After pointing out that we would be clearly warned of imminent war by the media some time before the event (true), they said there were ‘holes in the ground’ for everyone to go into. In People’s Square (人民广场), for you who live in Shantou. I said ‘what, the entire city?’ They were a bit vague about that - but there was something about people setting up guotiao (local noodle type) stalls in them now, as they were otherwise empty. So at least we won’t go hungry if we get bombed.

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