The rain has stopped so we took the chance and went to Shantou’s most famous bbq, which is just the next block along Waima Road (外马路) from the Catholic church.  It’s open from 10pm to 3am.  It’s the longest bbq I’ve ever seen, and at weekends absolutely packed, you might have to stand until seats become available.  Next door are two more bbqs with no business at all. 

    This bbq is especially famous for its chicken wings and dried tofu, both of which were delicious, it also have some veg.  As with most famous food places here, the menu is limited, but people come from far and wide to taste it.

    The owner is called Asa (I only know the pinyin), be careful other people have stolen his name, but he’s the only genuine one, every night, in that place.

    Also if you eat a lot it’s not cheap - 4 chicken wings, 2 pieces of tofu, a squid, some fish, a bottle of water and some veg cost 25rmb.  Mmm it was worth it though.

    Maggie Ad