I went to church. Twice in one week. There are big churches in Shantou, 1 Catholic and 3 protestant that I know of. There’s also one of each in Chaozhou. It’s a popular religion. The people were nice - the usual church kind of people. They really like praying, which is good. They also like visiting sick people. For me some of the praying is a bit wordy but I guess that’s just personal perference.

    On Mon evening there’s a youth service - well actually it just means a normal service for me, jus it’s run by young professionals. I think Sunday services are incredibly traditional - I can’t take it.

    Wed evening seems to be choir prayer group, but I have elbowed my way in anyway and it’s good, I wish there was more Bible study, that’s really why I’ve gone back to church.

    Church here doesn’t seem much different from Britain, the US, or Brazil. Should it?

    The church I’ve been to is on Waima Lu  外马路-wai4ma3lu4.  There are three there, 1 on it’s own, an old elementary school, and two next to each other, one of which is the Catholic one.

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