Deep sea fish and ginger miracle cure

    Sat night was a halloween party, but I wasn’t feeling well due to night before so this coloured my perception of the whole night. Yen was down from his work, which was good, and around two o’clock am he finally took me to this fish place he’s been talking about for ages. It’s called 深海鱼-shen1hai3yu2 (deep sea fish), and it’s on chang ping lu. Excellent. And we asked for a pile of ginger to be stuffed in the middle of the pot, and ginger is a miracle cure for all digestive issues (well, things that involve throwing up).

    It’s expensive, 30rmb for a pot, although it makes a full meal.  Really good.  Only open at night though.  Yen says the reason it’s so expensive is that the mainland Chinese fishermen don’t have the technology to catch it so they have to buy it from Taiwanese and Japanese.  Mmm is good.

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