Round Door restaurant

    Went to a nice place yesterday, it’s called the Round Door. It’s what’s called a dry-noodle restaurant. You order a bowl of noodles that has satay sauce and meat on it, and soup for the side (6, 8 or 10rmb’s worth, more money more stuff in soup). Then randomly choose dim sum because the menu’s all in Chinese.

    They have a nice manager who speaks some English. My favourite dim sum are the little pumpkins (小金瓜 xiao3jin1gua1), anything with with shrimp, and the bread (馒头 man4tou2). It’s about 15rmb/head including dim sum, there are two restaurants.

    The classy one’s at the end of Changping Road (长平路) , past the bridge. The original is nearly the other end of Changping Road, not far from the hospital.

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