Booking train tickets

    Regarding transport in Shantou, particularly train tickets from Guangzhou, there are some nice people (no English though) just near where all the bars are that have a possibly somewhat illegal bus station - but also a very useful ticket office.  I have heard that people can’t buy train tickets for the big holiday periods but I have bought from there twice, once for National Day and once for just before Spring Fesitval, they only sell tickets from 6 days before departure but I have both times got the seat (bed) I wanted. 

    Longhu Ying? Bus Station, Ying? Rd.  Phone:8367099

    Appartently they can also book tickets from Xiamen train station but I’m sure they said that wasn’t possible last time I asked.

    PS Don’t bother with the Shantou train station unless you’re going to Meizhou, which is the only stop quicker than the bus.

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