Narita, Japanese restaurant

    I have never actually written about Narita, yet it is the most expensive Japanese restaurant in Shantou, and I hear Japanese people actually go to it, and so do a lot of ex-pats.  It’s also pretty nice food (it should be, for the price), not that I’m a conesseuir of Japanese or anything. 

    I last went there with two Americans, they liked it and took their colleagues along, who also liked it.  I particularly recommend the beef curry, it is delicious, the sauce is what makes it so nice. If I go then I just buy that because I’m tight - 50rmb is enough on one meal.  I have been past times with other foreigners and they insisted on enough food and saki (Japanese baijiu/rice wine but easier to drink) to drive the cost up to 150rmb each.  You can choose. 

    Narita (cheng2 tian2), 2591183 is the phone no. to book tables and ask for directions.

    Next to Di Yi Cheng, 18 Hengshan Rd, just past KFC.  That will usually get you there.

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