Chinese travel agents in UK

    There is a travel agent in Manchester that is also in Milton Keynes, London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Paris, Beijing and Shanghai. They are a Chinese travel agent - I think Richard has talked about this type of travel agent on his own blog - but if you are travelling to China and NOT going to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, I really recommend you fly with them. They are set up so they can get you to cities in China for a reasonable price, ie £450 return, Manchester - Shantou, changing in Beijing. Now that is as it should be. They guarantee lowest fares.


    Phone, UK: 0870 770 6868/69 Paris: +33(1)43294258 Beijing: +86(0)10 51319151/9152 Shanghai: +86(0)21 62120361

    E-mail, UK: Paris: Beijing: Shanghai:

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