80% Shantou Exporters Benefit From Increased Export Taxes Rebates

    Nearly 80% of Shantou exporters will benefit from the central government’s new policy to raise export drawback paid on 3,770 types of products, according to the Shantou Evening Post.

    The Ministry of Finance announced the types of products and the increased range of drawback on Nov.17th, which emphasized on labor-intensive products and mechanical and electrical products and would be carried out on Dec.1st.

    Shantou’s main exports, mainly including, mechanical and electrical products, garment, toy and house appliances are all covered. The analysts in Shantou export field believed it could benefit almost 80% of exporters in Shantou.

    Source from
    Shantou Evening Post
    Nanfang City Newspaper

    Bobo Zhu