ZhongXin, snacks & Chaozhou

    General advice from four of my wonderful daytime students:

    1.Shantou has a lot of snacks.

    They are very delicious. If the person who came to Shantou never tried the snacks, that would be a pity! In Shantou, there are a lot of food streets.You can try all of the food there. For example, you can try ‘hao luo’. ‘Hao2luo4’ (蚝烙) is a stir-fry with medusa, eggs, and shrimps. If you don’t like it, don’t worry, you can eat ‘wu mi guo’ (无米果). It’s polished with a kind of vegetable. If you want to eat more full, you can choose ‘chang fen’ (肠粉). There are two kinds of this food, one is beef and one is pork. Oh! I can only say the food is fantastic. There are lots and lots of different foods in Shantou, you really need to try them. (If you want to know where the food streets are, please leave a message. )

    2.In summer, swimming is a good way to make you feel cool.

    If someone wants to go swimming, I will introduce you to a good place, that’s Zhong Xin Du Jia Cun (中信度假村). The place is near the sea, and there is also a swimming pool, so you can decide whether to play in the sea or swim in the pool. If you play until late, don’t worry, there are lots of cottages, you can stay there and eat in the hotel there. Exactly, that is a good place in summer! A taxi costs about 30 yuan (元) each way. You can also catch the number 10 bus, and the last one to leave ZhongXin is at 6pm. It takes about 45min.  You take the bus from Zhong1lv3 or Dong1xia4 Bus Stations (中旅车站or东厦车站). 

    Cecilia and James

    Welcome to Shantou ( including Chaozhou 潮州). Something special you may do or see in Shantou If you like some adventure, you might go to ZhongShan Road (中山路) to watch a motorbike competition at 1:00-4-00 in the morning!! (NB from Maggie: This is both dangerous and illegal!) Although I’ve never been there before, I’ve a good place to recommend you to go where Shantou people love to relax at night!! It’s called L.A. Bar (洛城), and is a bar/club just off JinSha Road (金沙路). Chaozhou ‘s musical fountains are very famous in China!! It has a water show when the public holidays are on. Also, Chaozhou has a street which is for eating called Xiaochi Street (小吃路) (You can eat all the Chao Shan’s local food there!!) However, Chaozhou isn’t only an eating city, it is also famous for pottery and porcelain. So you could go to THE CENTRE OF POTTERY to see different kinds of pottery!!

    Brian and Steven ‘s report is finished
    Info reseaching by :Brian and Steven
    Writing by: Brian Chan
    October. 26 .2005.

    NB Brian has written a lot of exclamation marks but actually his facts are reasonably correct, if you’re interested in the subject matter.

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