Ice cream and Walmart

    Last night I went for ice cream in Shantou - wow, ice cream in Shantou, they don’t even have fresh milk here. Well, it was with a group of mostly foreigners so the standards were quite high, and it didn’t really match up, but the two scoops of chocolate was worth 14rmb I think.
    Anyway for anyone who feels they must eat ice cream, I give you the address below. It’s just off LinBaiXin Square.

    NB Actually you Can get fresh milk in Shantou, Walmart sells it in the fridge section. We reckon the pale blue is semi-skimmed, dark blue full (or extra) cream, and red is rank - skimmed.
    Walmart also sells French sticks (but they’re not crispy), olive oil, Heinz baked beans, mayonaise, peanut butter, kelloggs cornflakes and pasta tomato sauce - original, meat or garlic options.
    What else ‘foreign’ does Walmart sell?

    Maggie Ad