Shutterbugs" Torch Relay Photos Reused by Many Websites

    According to an article from the website of Shantou News, a great number of photos about the May 10th Shantou Torch Relay appeared on the website of Shantou Photographer Association and they were all taken and uploaded by shutterbugs from Shantou, Chaozhou, Jieyang and Meizhou. So far, some excellent ones among these photos have been reused by many websites within eastern Guangdong. In the photos, people can see excited citizens climbing up to high buildings and waving their little national flags, while other spectators drew red pictures on their faces and shouted “China Cheers Up.” Thousands of onlookers lined up early, crowding everywhere they could find on the streets. According to Ma Ka, a member from the Shantou Photographer Association, the May 10th Shantou Torch Relay attracted numerous shutterbugs from Shantou and nearby areas, and most of them were fully equipped with professional cameras.

    source: Shantou City Post

    Lok Chan