Shantou Felt Slight Shock after Sichuan Consuming Earthquake

    According to an article from the website of Shantou News, some Shantou citizens in high-rises were alarmed by a swaying sensation after Sichuan’s consuming earthquake on the afternoon of May 12th. Shi Yong Wen, Director General of Shantou Seismological Bureau, said in an interview that quite a few citizens called to ask if there had been a earthquake during 2:30pm to 3:00pm on May 12th, right after the mighty earthquake took place in Sichuan Province. “I found myself swaying and felt not quite well,” said Miss Lin, an office worker at a 29-store building in Jin Sha East Road, downtown Shantou. “It occurred to me immediately that we might be having an earthquake after I saw all the workers in the office were swaying.” Although Shantou felt slight shock related to the Sichuan earthquake, no damage was done to the city, according to the Shantou Seismological Bureau.

    source: Shantou City Post

    Lok Chan