Shantou weather

    It rained on Monday.  I woke up at 7.30 to a downpour amazingly similar to pouring a bucket of water from a great height (you couldn’t see through it), drifted off as it eased, then came to again at 9.00 to a similar downpour.  I don’t know how much it rained while I was asleep but all the roads in sight of my building and some of the pavements too were flooded.  Heheh it’s good to be on a high floor.  The poor scooter/motorbike/bicycle riders - well it was just too deep for the cyclists, they were on the pavement - riding up to nearly your knees in water can’t be fun. 

       Then in the afternoon it was so sunny the girls had their umbrellas out to keep their skin white. 

       Such is the weather in Shantou.

    Maggie Ad