Markets in Shantou

    While we’re on the subject of food, I just want to say what great markets Shantou has.  Prior to this weekend I thought they were standard throughout China, or at least the south.  Oh how I was wrong. 

    I was in Xiamen teaching my friend how to cook, and the markets were rubbish!  Yeah, plenty of seafood, veg and pork, but what about poultry and other animals?  Even the veg wasn’t the same.  Ever heard of beef?  In the end all we could make was pizza, coz it was vegetarian and in Xiamen you can buy cheese. 

    On the other hand, even the small market near my house has an imaginative range of meat and poultry (although I never find lamb), and just about every veg I ever need, expect red peppers and courgettes.  The bigger ones like near tkd are even better (and cheaper).

    And they cut everything for you, exactly how you want it, saves loads of time when cooking.

    Maggie Ad