Shantou penalizes 223 polluters

    Shantou’s local government has penalized over two hundred industries for pollution, the Shantou Evening Post said.

    The government punished 223 of the 5,000 local enterprises that have been inspected since the beginning of the year.Among those punished are pollution-intensive industries like paper-making, printing and dyeing, and electroplating.

    China’s 11th Five-Year Development Guidelines (2006-2010) require Shantou to reduce sulphur-dioxide emission to less than 10,000 tons, chemical oxygen demand to less than 35,000 tons and shut down 11 small (700,000 KW) thermal generators for meeting the national standard.

    Some power plants have completed upgrades for sulphur emission reduction and others have also begun to upgrade their generators.

    Shantou: Shantou Evening Post

    Ava Tang