Risk Life for Salary, Saved After 3 Hours

    A man bargained with his life in protest of an overdue salary by climbing up a high tension cable tower in Chenghai on Tuesday, according to Shantou Evening Post.

    The man identified only as Yao, was brought down to safety after three hours of negotiation with his previous employer. Yao accused him of not paying him a salary of 30,000 RMB, according to his wife. As a migrant worker from Jiangxi Province, Yao had worked in building construction for his previous employer three years ago in Chenghai District, Shantou City.

    Firemen, policemen and the medics were on the scene when Yao got as close as two meters from the high tension cable. After coming down he was taken to the police station

    source: Shantou Evening Post

    Nika Ye