Pork noodle breakfast

    At present I am eating my breakfast (when I have time to eat breakfast) at a place on the street near my house. They set up in the early hours, are selling from around 6am on, and start cleaning up around 10.30am. By midday they are gone and there’s just a corrugated iron table to show they were ever there at all.

    They sell bowls of noodles (grain or rice, you can choose) with assorted pig insides, some seafood and vegetables. This is a really common dish here for all quick meals but their food is such good quality at such an excellent price (3 or 5rmb), and no stringy or fatty meat in sight, if you don’t want it. I usually have glass noodles with pork meat, shell fish and lettuce. Mm, it’s good.

    What I find it fascinating how they bring everything, from the ingredients to the stools and tables, to the hot coals for the sterilising water. I bet they even take the gas because otherwise wouldn’t someone nick it? But I’m not sure, I’ll have to look next time I pass by.

    Maggie Ad