Chinese tv

    I feel I have acheived something. After nearly two years in China, I’ve finally become hooked on a Chinese soap opera. This is makes me very happy, because it not only means that my language is becoming really functional, but also I have some cultural link (Tv is a very important medium!).

    In the summer and more recently I was in situations which meant I have been watching Chinese tv with Chinese people. Watching tv with the people of that country is much better because they always seem to find the good tv programmes, which I’ve never been able to do. The final trigger to make me feel really comfortable in front of Mandarin language tv was I think Christmas weekend when I was in Guangzhou with taekwondo. We were resting for fighting and had no money anyway, so we spent a lot of time in the hotel rooms watching tv. The lad with the remote always seemed to find horror films, now I’m back in Shantou I can’t find any! Maybe it’s the tv they get in Guangzhou.

    Anyway the one I watch is on Anhui tv, it’s modern day (dramas here are split between modern day and ancient times), and completely daft, but aren’t all soap operas? I am, however, hooked, and I watch it every evening I’m in. It took three months in Brazil and nearly two years in China, but hey, 慢慢来 (slowly slowly come).

    Maggie Ad