Olympic Ceremony and Bike Ride on Sunday

    By: Yamaha Gong

    A ceremony to mark the “Chinese Olympic Traveling Year” will be held in Shantou on March 2nd in the square in front of Shantou city swimming pool. At the same time, one thousand bicycle-riders will take part in a bicycle riding competition during the ceremony.

    The 2008 Chinese Olympic Traveling Year, a nationwide traveling theme publicized in 2008, was announced by the China Travel Bureau under the slogan “Olympic Games Meet in China Beijing.” In order to get into the Olympic spirit, the Shantou government decided to hold the ceremony, according to the Shantou Special Zone Evening.

    The whole distance of the bicycle-riding competition is about 20 kilometers. From the starting point of the Shantou city swimming pool, the bicycle riders will be going along Nanbing Road, Tiangong Mountain, Shuangquan Park, Fuqian Road and finally end up at Zhongxin Vacation Village. Bicycle-interested competitors from other cities and countries like Korea will participate.

    Source: Shantou Special Zone Evening (Chinese)